Visitor Control Solutions


Take control of your lobby, school, and overall complex with Visitor Control Solutions (VCC) from LSI.  Utilizing our core enrollment software BMS, our staff can provide your organization with our “off the shelf” base-line product or customize a unique solution for your visitor control needs.

LSI’s VCC scans any government issued ID (driver’s license, military ID, passport, etc.) and automatically populates selected fields in the BMS database. Once the information is entered, any type of visitor ID badge can be produced. Returning visitor records can be automatically accessed and entry is granted or denied.

  • Streamline Security: VCC effectively eliminates the need for manual data entry or paper logs. No more lost paper charts or illegible handwriting. No more waiting in line while security personnel complete data fields.
  • On-line visitor registration and confirmation has never been easier.  Send your guest an electronic invite complete with a bar-coded visit check in form.
  • Notify your host via email or SMS text message that their guest has arrived.
  • Cost Effective & Flexible: Designed for use at security checkpoints, the VCC module allows you to verify, identify and track personnel easily and quickly. Is it inexpensive, scalable and does not require expensive hardware or difficult to use digital cameras. VCC allows quick and accurate information on each individual visitor in a matter of seconds and can be customized for your needs.
  • Efficient Visitor Tracking: Accountability has never been easier. By simply accessing the VCC database, you can find the exact time and date an individual visited your organization and any other detailed information you require.
  • National Database Referencing: LSI’s VCC software can also reference national and state-wide databases for positive matches against sex offenders, terrorist watch lists, and ‘barred from’ lists.
  • Self Expiring Badge Stock can further improve your organization’s visits by guaranteeing the badges distributed cannot be used again.


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