ID Card System Solutions

LSI is one of the few companies that develop, market, and install our own ID card enrollment and issuance software. Choose the BMS solution and work directly with the programmers and system engineers who developed the software you use.

Unparalleled performance, unmatched service, and affordable customization make the BMS (Badge Management System) suite of software the right choice for your ID/Smart card issuance needs.

BMS software isn’t mass-produced as a resell product or limited support sales model, but rather is tailor made for your needs, budget, and expectations.

Since 1991 LSI has developed, manufactured, and distributed BMS to organizations around the world. LSI’s ownership of the BMS product allows our staff to take a hands-on approach to each specific project in which we’re associated. This results in our clients receiving the exact software they need, with unlimited options for future development.

When you choose BMS you choose to work directly with the software programmers and engineers who develop our software, and the sales and support staff that have stood behind our customers for over 20 years.


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