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Vehicle Wraps by LSI Graphics

Did you know your company vehicle has the potential to act as a full time, 24-hour sales representative?

Vehicle wraps by LSI Graphics are the loud and proud way savvy business owners maximize every advertising opportunity available. Powerful graphics paired with just enough information are all it takes to transform your company vehicle into a personalized mobile billboard. That means every day of the year your name could reach over 70,000 people within the target demographic you already serve.

Design and Installation

Highest Quality Service and Materials Available

LSI Graphics is a full service Memphis, TN sign company working to serve you from the ground up. Personalized artistic direction and graphic design are included in every package. Our professional staff of graphic artists specializes in transforming your starting idea or pre-existing image into maximum visibility and memorability.

All vinyl, including 50/50 clearview and UV laminate are stocked in house. Each custom design is printed on our state of the art latex printers to capture an array of spectacular colors. Our 3M certified serviceman guarantee seamless installation and durability with the 3M MCS Warranty.

Long-Term and Short-Term Vehicle Wrap

No matter the duration of your vehicle wrap, our in-house stock of UV ink and UV laminate guarantee your vehicle will be unharmed and protected. Short-term materials are ideal for installations of less than one year, while long-term wraps are guaranteed for 3 years but have the potential to last up to 5 to 7 years when protected from outdoor elements…that’s 5 to 7 years of custom advertising and protection!

Additional Options

While vehicle wraps are the best way to get your company name noticed, Decal Kits are a more conservative way of spreading the word. Some call them “stickers,” we call them easy advertising. An image of any size or shape can be transformed into your very own mobile advertisement.

Memphis-Based, Nation-Wide Service

With a network of 3M certified installers located throughout the nation, LSI Graphics is here to serve you no matter the location. Our friends at Precision Door in Caruthersville, MO believe in the power of LSI vehicle wraps so much they commissioned the county public transportation to sport their signage. Not only is the business growing by leaps and bounds, the city too is receiving additional funding to support city growth. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love seeing their company name all over town?

To learn more about vehicle wraps in Memphis, TN, reach out to a member of LSI Graphics’ professional staff to discuss how you too can take full advantage of the advertising potential you never realized you had. Call (901) 794-3032 or fill out our contact form.  Expand Your Brand!

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