Floor Graphics

Floor graphics from LSI Graphics are a great way to reach customers as they shop, direct traffic, promote an event, create or reinforce your brand identity, or even as decoration for a special event. Floor graphics and floor ads can catch the attention of potential buyers before a shopping decision is made, giving you some input at a critical point in the buying process unlike any other form of advertising. Directional floor decals can help direct traffic for events, simplify directions in a busy office or even help organize a warehouse. Floor decals can be used for special events, such as logos on a basketball court, special designs, photos or initials on a dance floor at a wedding or party. Our floor graphic materials can be used for virtually any flooring surface such as:

  • Tile
  • Carpet
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Linoleum

One of our floor decal materials can even be repositioned and reused, leaving you with more possibilities than limitations.

Good floor decals and floor signs have laminates that are slip resistant, and UL listed as such, as well as scratch and scuff resistant so that heavy traffic doesn’t ruin them. Floor graphics should also hold up to common floor cleaning chemicals and methods. The floor decal adhesives should hold the floor graphics firmly in place, but come off without leaving adhesive residue or damaging the floor when removed. All our floor decal materials meet these requirements, unlike the cheap materials you commonly see used in grocery stores. We have a line up of floor graphics materials that are designed for various lengths of use and for application to various surfaces including carpet and concrete. Speak with one of our professional Sales reps today and find out which material will work best for your application.

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