Interior Branding

Tell a story that inspires.

Great graphics make great interior spaces even better! With the broad printing capabilities of LSI Graphics, almost any surface offers exciting possibilities. Floor graphics, sheer fabric banners and custom wall and window graphics can set a tone, or establish a company’s brand identity.

From photo murals to fine art reproductions, LSI Graphics has the equipment and experience to produce dazzling, high-resolution photo quality graphics on almost any material including fine art papers and canvas.

Want to communicate your message in a quick and attention getting format? Our point of purchase signage provides endless creative possibilities for your brand to explore and assert yourself to consumers.

Want to draw even more attention to your graphics? Simply have LSI Graphics produce your signs so that they can be backlit. These signs make any retail space pop and highlight graphics that matter most.

Have an empty wall that needs some sprucing up? Let LSI Graphics design, print and install a custom wallpaper, mural, or architectural vinyl solution that is tailored to your brand. Our state of the art digital routers can contour cut your any shape from a wide variety of substrates, including acrylic, to produce an eye-catching, 3-D visual in your lobby or conference room.

Have outdated office cabinetry with old finishes that are showing their age? We can provide alternative solutions to demolition that transform these aged surfaces into a beautiful, like-new interior.  We can refinish any complex curved substrates, walls, furniture, fixtures, etc. in your office to perfectly compliment a modern work space with our natural and synthetic finishes such as wood, marble, granite, stucco, stone, aluminum, and many more. With thousands of product variations, it is easy to find the perfect surface refinishing solution. Common installation sites include:

  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Casinos
  • Retail
  • And many more.
If you need assistance determining just the right product in just the right location, call on LSI Graphics. Our in-house graphic design team has the experience to help you create the exact look you want. And with our extensive partnerships, we can arrange installation almost anywhere in the world.

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