Printing & Signage

Whatever your specialty grand format printing needs are, LSI Graphics has the equipment and expertise to make your business branding hopes a reality and can help you expand your brand. We are an excellent supplier of:

Our state-of-the-art digital printers can produce durable, vibrant graphics on virtually every display material up to 196′ wide; from flexible fabrics like vinyl, art canvas, polyester and cotton, to rigid substrates like sintra board, foam board, cardboard and plexiglass. These capabilities give you maximum flexibility to help you creatively and accurately tell you brand’s story.

Our precision cutting equipment, such as the Zund L-3000cv and the Mimaki CG-160FX, can be used to create three-dimensional masterpieces from acrylic, cardboard, composite hard foam, leather, magnets, plastic and rubber up to two inches thick, plywood up to five-eighths inches thick and MDF up to three-quarter inches thick!

We are a 3M-certified, PDAA-certified and Fellers-certified member of the UASG Network. Contact us today, and we’ll show you how we can fulfill your grand format printing needs.

Need design assistance? Our professional, in-house graphic design team has explored the full range of our grand format printing and cutting capabilities and can help develop a dynamic solution for you.